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More Simpler

More Simpler

Today I was reminded of how important simplicity is. I also remembered how luxurious the simple things are.

Today we were greeted with an all-day power outage, which makes working on the computer difficult. Our options were to go home for the day or persist and get to work. We decided to send it and turn-to. What we traditionally do with a computer and full complement of cameras and speakers, we did with some pen and paper, and trucks (and a cellularly connected tablet). We bypassed the massive infrastructure and went to the core of what needed to get done. We kicked ass. We kept up with our usual pace and didn't miss a beat.

Yes, the infrastructure does help us process more efficiently. However, returning to our roots helped me realize that all of that infrastructure is just a nice-to-have. Paint on the ground, signs, markings, a functional computer system, accurate inventory, cameras, and speakers? Those items aren't necessary for an operation to succeed. They all help the terminal be more efficient but they aren't necessary for us to turn-to and move cargo.

Get back to the core and roots to see whats actually important and necessary.