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I'm Nick Seferos.

I am a logistics professional in Western Washington with a mission to make logistics simple, efficient, and affordable.

This blog is a collection of some of my ideas, thoughts, and projects I am working on to help make this mission a reality.

I grew up in a small town in Washington along a bay and have always been infatuated with the maritime industry. I graduated from Cal Maritime in 2017 with a degree in marine transportation. I've worked on container ships, car and passenger ferries, tugs, and barges. Now I am working shore side in the stevedoring industry managing the discharge and loading of freight to ships. My current large project is bringing a new container terminal to life in the PNW.


Why: I believe in connecting and empowering people in unconventional ways.

How: People are connected through trade (ocean, truck, and rail) in a simple, upfront, and honest practice.

What: TDB