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My wife and myself were talking a few days ago about being more intentional in our marriage. We want to walk together and toward something rather than just aimlessly wander. This got me to thinking about how intentional I was living the rest of my life. And I going toward something? Are my actions made  with purpose in pursuit of something? Or am I wandering aimlessly?

The first real question to ask is where do I want to go? Living intentionally is impossible if there’s no vision of where to go. A vision will guide the decisions you make and serves as a check against your actions - “am I doing the right thing right now?”

Being intentional in your life looks like you seizing opportunities and executing on them. As an example, when I am riding on the bus or ferry into work, I use that time to develop a product or write, read a book or plan a date night. Rather than watch a movie or play a game, I’m intentionally working toward a vision during the otherwise dead time. When I get home I turn off the computer and put down the devices and spend quality undivided time with my family.

Living intentionally looks like us living life on purpose and living in the light of our vision.