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Business is built on trust

Business is built on trust

I recently had a new vendor completely destroy my trust while I was half way down the sales pipeline. They had a massive data breach which, yes made me uncomfortable but, exposed that what they said they did with my data and what they actually did were two different things. It got me thinking about how we form nuisances relationships - it’s all trust.

Another new vendor I was working with took time to build my trust the right way - through long, free, proofs of concept. They believed that business was won by allowing us to experience their product and run it through the ringer, call support and get the real experience. They wanted to build a deep level of real trust.

Most transactions are very superficial - buy my thing, it does what I say it does and brings you this value because I say so, look at these testimonials from people you’ve never heard from. Most transactions are built purely on blind trust. At varying levels we believe in the blind trust and purchase the product - then return it or cancel the subscription - because the superficial blind trust fell through. I’ve bought into a lot based on blind trust and realized the product was completely hollow.

Business is built on real trust, from real interactions. Real trust is earned by taking time to prove trustworthy and investing in the relationship by offering true value before asking for money.