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Concept: Streamlined Truck Auto Gate Process

Concept: Streamlined Truck Auto Gate Process

Note: this is a concept only, this has not been implemented anywhere nor is planning on being implemented anywhere to my knowledge.

Container terminals across the world struggle in one area consistently: the gate complex. The gate complex is a crucial interchange of information and container responsibility but is relatively slow in operation. With the development of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and computerized gates, the process has increased in speed and efficiency. This paper explores a concept of a reimagined version of a gate complex that is far more efficient and streamlined than its predecessors. streamlined than its predecessors.

Today, many terminals have come up with several different approaches to solving these problems together with their TOS provider. They all work in slightly different ways but rely on some core commonalities to ensure cargo responsibility and data ownership transfers correctly. One of these approaches (in their various forms) is an auto-in-gate process.

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